Friday, August 19, 2011

School Time

Back to School.

How did this happen? Didn't we just get out? Didn't the pools just open? This has been one of the fastest summers and what's sad and scary about that is that they will only get faster. Time is flying by (unless your talking about the arrival of this baby, then it feels like its creeping by).

This kid is a 1st grader, has his own desk, a new teacher, a classroom that is downstairs (isn't that where the big kids go?) and was very excited to start school yesterday. We're excited too. His teacher, Mrs. Fritz, seems great and was very friendly.

This kid is set for preschool. He has the same teacher as last year. And may have been more excited to wear his new shoes then to actually go to school. As outgoing and crazy as he is at home he seems to be much more shy and quiet at school.

We're slowly getting ourselves back into a routine. Bedtime is sooner, Trevor and I get more quiet time at night and are trying to go to bed before midnight (Ha!), we've had family breakfast and waking them up in the morning hasn't been to difficult (but they are looking forward to a sleep in day tomorrow!)

Bennett tried to take up a desk yesterday in Carson's class. He would have preferred to stay. And he was sad to see the boys go this morning. But him and I are enjoying our first quiet morning in 3 months.

We are blessed. We are excited for a new school year. And now it's nap time since someone thought 5am was a good time to wake up. Stinker!!

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