Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day Of School

It's the First Day of School! I think I was more nervous then the boys. They did great, no tears, no sadness just excitement for their day. I'm sitting in my house while the baby sleeps and it's quiet. It's weird, but nice. Sad, but exciting. Hopefully I'm more productive in the future then I have been today.

Carson requested waffles for breakfast.

So that's what they got. On their special plates because its a special day.
And I woke up earlier then I have in months YAWN!!

And straight from the horse's mouth here is Declan's rendition of how his day went.

"I learned playdoh and I had recess. And Carson was at recess and we played. And I saw a new Andrew. And I saw the regular Andrew and everyone was dressed like me except the girls they had on skirts. And we sang a song, twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wond....and we went to the bathroom and there's two bathrooms and there's a short hallway and a long hallway and I have a teacher with black pants and a black shirt and I don't know her name and we went to the gym and rolled the ball around and we sat on the oval and then we sat on a circle and then it was time to go home."

Me: Do you want to go back?

Declan: "Yep!"

Carson wasn't so talkative. He told me he did a bunch of stuff he already knew and he was too tired to talk. We'll see what I get out of him as the day goes on. As a Kindergartner he now does mass on Thursday with the school. I went too and he did great. It's pretty entertaining to watch a 40 Kindergartners at mass. God Bless those teachers.

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