Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Months

Baby Bennett is now 10 months old. That means the countdown to his first birthday is officially on. But I'm trying not to think about that so let's hold off on the countdown for now. Please and Thank You. The past month has been a busy one for Bennett. Here is some of what he's been up too.,,

* The boy will eat anything. Or at least I haven't found much he doesn't like. Watermelon, peaches, grapes,blueberries, raisins, corn, bananas, potatoes, chicken, lamb, olives, mac and cheese, bread, sweet potatoes....the list could go on. Most meals I'm fairly certain he could eat an adult under the table. If he sees some food he likes his legs start kicking and he goes nuts, whining and carrying on until you let him have a bite, or ten.

* He crawls like its nobody's business. And it doesn't matter the surface carpet, cement, grass, sand, water whatever.

* He can climb stairs.

* He can tear apart a shelf in seconds. Hence this picture of him sitting on the baby books after he pulled them all down. A look of guilt spread across his face.

* He loves watching Husker and Emily. Husker plays with him alot.

* He never stops smiling. And when he does he crinkles up his nose.

* He's sleeping through the night thanks to a little sleep training while his brothers were gone.

* He can walk with his walker and stand alone for a few seconds but I think he's still a few weeks or months from any first steps.

He's growing so fast. He's the light of his big brothers day. He's gives the best hugs when you pick him out of his crib. He loves to open mouth kiss you. He's the best baby boy I know.

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