Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summertime at Grandma's

We're at Grandma and Papa's this week and it's been busy.

We went to the zoo where we mostly climbed on rocks and played on the playground.

Declan also rode the VERY fast carousel. Somehow Papa got chosen to ride on it, seeing how he and I have the weak stomach I'm not sure how that happened. But he was a trooper and rode not once, but twice. Seems Declan has the ability to ride things like that without feeling sick for hours after wards. Carson, I'm afraid to say, has mine and Papa's tummy.

We visited another park where we found a clown making balloon animals. Carson requested a red puppy and Declan in his indecisive ways first asked for a turtle, didn't like it since it was for his wrist, so he then requested a teddy bear. And he would go no where near the clown for a picture but he did say thank you.

They also had a bounce house at the park. The boys played so long they got kicked out.

And then we went swimming.

Where Carson had a blast with all the fountains.

Tomorrow its time to go back home. We're all anxious to see daddy and hopefully enjoy some more summertime activities.

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