Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Family Member..

No I didn't have the baby. Instead I was sucked into getting a dog! Isn't she cute?

Trevor and I have always talked about getting a dog. I always thought I was a dog person, not a cat person. Then I saw Miss Jenna when she was just weeks old and I was suckered in there too. Then I realized just how easy cats are and so getting a dog always took a back seat. To you know, things like having a baby, having another baby, moving, moving again, moving again...you get the point. But we were always sort of looking and talking. Trevor and I tended to disagree on the type of dog we wanted. He wanted a hunting dog while I wanted something smaller, like a Beagle. Well last week this cute little girl showed up on the Second Chance Rescue Center website and those big fluffy ears were enough to sucker me into going to look at her. They opened her kennel and she literally flopped at our feet for pets.....we were sold! Although it took most of the day to convince ourselves of it. Funny how adding a 3rd child to our family was an easier decision than adding a dog.

Carson loves her and adores her. It's been fun watching him get to know her.

Declan's not so sure. He likes to keep his distance (i.e the screen door). But he's coming around. He's so much shorter then Carson that I think her size intimidates him a little.

Her original name when we got her was Cleo. But all Trevor could think of was Miss Cleo, the Psychic. So he wanted to change her name. We talked about it for a few days and then Carson asked me if we could name her Emily. We were both suprised he came up with a name all on his own....and it was a name that didn't involve some sort of Transformer. So we said Yes!!

Miss Emily is a 1 year old Springer Spaniel. We have no idea if she is purebred. Her previous owners were not so good. Trevor's hoping to get her to be his hunting dog. I'm just hoping she doesn't make my house smell like dog!

And what will happen when there is 3 car seats in the car....I have no idea. Anyone want to buy me a suburban?

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