Monday, July 27, 2009

The Air Show

This weekend was the Sioux Falls Air Show. We've been looking forward to it all summer and after watching them all practice earlier in the week the boys were excited too. We took a leap and went knowing we would be skipping nap time, something that is rarely done in our house. But the boys has a blast and so did Trevor and I. Being there makes you so proud to be an American. We do live in the best country....God Bless America.

I don't know who was more excited....Carson because there were alot of planes to look at or Trevor because he got to tell him all about them. :-)

Love the hand in his pocket.

Watching the F-16.

Carson thought it was too loud.


The F-22 and P-38 Raptor.

Why use a double stroller when you can stuff one kid in the basket.

Fat Albert. He helps carry all the crew members for the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels.

Flying upside...makes me sick just looking at it.

After wards Carson went through the bounce houses....

While Declan slept....he may be a little too big for the stroller.

Video of the F-22

Video of the Blue Angels.

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