Friday, December 5, 2008

Too Loud

For a few weeks Trevor and I have been talking about how we should go about taking Declan's plug away. This summer we cut him off to just at nap time and bedtime and he did really well. But there's no denying it, he's attached to that thing when he sleeps. I knew he would never just let us take it away and we tried to convince him that big boy's don't need it but he wanted nothing to do with that logic. (Reasoning with a 2 year old....I have no idea why that didn't work!) So we decided that we would "leave them at grandma's" over Thankgiving weekend. So Sunday night when he asked for his plug we showed him they were all missing (we stash them on our dresser). He was sad but reassured himself that grandma would bring them back to him. For the first few days he was reassured (mostly by Carson) that grandma would bring them. But the last two days he hasn't even mentioned them. Now, I'm just hoping that by next week when both grandma's are here he has totally forgotten about it. And then I can say this was WAY easier then I thought. But, I'm not counting any chickens yet.

One draw back of not having a plug is that it takes him longer to fall asleep. With the plug he was out before I left the room but without it he's laid in there and talked for over an hour a few times. Carson's even complained that "brudder is being too woud. Tell him to be quiet." The other day during naptime I caught something on the monitor that was too cute. See if you can hear what he is saying.

Did you catch it?

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  1. Wow! Does he know the whole Lord's Prayer? (I have to admit that I had to listen quite a few times before I understood it, but once I heard "the power and the glory" it was pretty clear...)