Monday, December 22, 2008

Get me out of this house and a little Kung Fu Panda

Trevor and I are moving to Texas! We're so excited. No snow (or very little), warm temperatures, no wind chill factors, no 17 layers of clothing that STILL don't keep you warm, did I mention no snow? It's going to be a great move.

Ok, so we're not really moving but after this weekend I'm about ready too. Now if I could just convince my snow-loving husband that it's a good idea. Which may not be too hard seeing as we just spent the entire weekend in the house driving each other nuts! And to be honest, I probably did more of the driving on that one. Sorry honey!

I got cut from work on Saturday because it was freezing. By 10am Saturday we had built a fort, watched some tunes, eaten breakfast, showered, wrestled and drove each other nuts. Did I mention it was a long weekend? It was too cold for church or any other activity yesterday. By this morning the boys and I were dying to get out of the house. I was very jealous of Trevor going to work and that doesn't happen very often.

Here's some proof of our indoor weekend.

We tried to take silly pictures with mommy's camera.

We watched football and ate lunch on the living room floor.

We Declan shed some tears.

Mommy built a fort while daddy tried to catch up on his sleep.

And Carson showed off his mad King Fu Panda fighting skills.

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  1. It had been a few days since I had check in on your blog and I gasped when I read the first few sentences - Texas?! Had I missed some sort of announcement?

    But then I realized that it was just a plea from a mom who has been housebound with her small children for one too many days. I hear you Amy - here's hoping for a few sunny days ahead!

    Merry Christmas!