Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Program

Tuesday was Carson's Christmas program at school. There is nothing quite as entertaining as watching 40 three and four year olds try and sing songs together. It was highly entertaining and it made me realize even more why I'm not a preschool teacher. How those 4 teachers pulled this off and got those kids to sing and act is beyond me. Bless them for it! They certainly are special people. Carson of course did nothing, na-da, zilch (unless you count picking your noes while on stage) for the entire program. I asked him about it later and he told me he was sad that they didn't sing Jingle Bells and that he got a red bell to ring instead of a blue one. Poor kiddo.

You'll notice in this first video that as he is walking in he spots Trevor filming and he stops dead in his tracks while all the other kids are filing by.

Yes that's him hiding behind his friend Trevor.

Maybe next year we can work on him actually smiling through the program.

All the kids made calendars for their moms and dads.

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