Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank God for Leaf Blowers.

I love this house. I love its location, I love that we are in a quiet neighborhood, I love the view and for most of the summer I loved the trees. Our house that is surrounded by 5 very large, very old trees, and that's not counting the neighbors or the park, that's just in our small yard. We've debated for a few months which approach to raking is better. It seems most of neighbors fall into the category of raking once a week for many weeks. I was of the mindset that it would be better to wait for all the leaves to be off the trees before you start raking. I'm still not convinced which way is better. But let's just say I spent the better half of the last 2 weeks raking....EVERY SINGLE DAY! And on Thursday I was shoveling leaves as fast as I could before the snow fell, and so were my neighbors.

One thing is for sure. The boys loved them.
And I'm so glad to be done with it until next year.

Now my leaves are piled into 30+ bags that need to get to the dump. Good Times.

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  1. Holy Cow! That's a lot of leaves. Thank goodness for leaf blowers is right! But you have to love the leaf piles - they are just begging for someone to jump right in...