Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deer Hunting Weekend 2

In less then a week Trevor and I have spent $150 at the clinic and pharmacy. We now have a mini pharmacy in our bathroom.

Cough medicine for the boys, eyes drops for me and everything else goes to Trevor who is the proud owner of bronchitis and some pneumonia.

Needless to say the last few days/week have pretty much been a fog. Last Friday we had the day from H-E-double-hockey sticks. Here is a run down of how it went.

10am - Trying to get gas at a gas station when an old lady backs into me. $430 in damage to my bumper....basically a scratch.

12pm- At Target for lunch with daddy when I go to the bathroom and notice my eye is red. Don't think too much about it and just hope its a little irritated

1pm - Leaving Target when the boys lock themselves in the car with our only set of keys. Luckily Trevor was able to "teach" Declan how to use the unlock button on the keys. (Now, he wants to do it all the time.)

3pm - Notice my eye is getting redder and I begin to wonder if I may have pink eye. Contemplate for an hour if I should call the doctor.

4pm - Call the doctor to see if they can call in a prescription for me since we are headed to the farm and the nearest clinic is a ways away. The nurse informs me that she can't do that...I must come in. Lovely.

4:30 - Carson wakes up from his nap and complains of a stomach ache. For the next hour I wonder if he is sick and think about taking his temp but assume that he is fine. (Mother's Instinct people....listen to it!)

5pm - I'm in the bathroom and Carson is in the living room I hear him cough and know instantly this can't be good. I run to the living room where he starts puking and I carry him as fast as I can to the toilet. All the time he's puking over everything. And let's just say most of it DID NOT land in the toilet but instead on the walls and floor.

6pm - We try to figure out if we should even go out of town for the weekend but Carson seems fine. We eat dinner and load up the car.

8pm - Car is packed and we are out the door but not before a stop at Acute Care to get something for my pink eye

9pm - $50 later and I have some medicine for the pink eye that is now in BOTH eyes.

11pm - On the road. Kids STILL awake. We decide to make one last pit stop before they fall asleep. As we are pulling into the gas station Declan starts throwing up. Good News: I had a bucket in the car and managed to catch most of it. Bad News: He had been drinking milk.

1am - We reach our destination with two passed out kids and two very worn out parents.

So most of our deer hunting weekend was spent being lazy. The boys and I stayed in our pjs until dinner time Saturday. Some days that's the best medicine. They were pretty zoned out.

But now they seem to be back to their usual crazy selves.

Carson came home with 2 drawing the other day. When I asked him what they were he told me he couldn't remember. But then after some deep thoughts he thought this one was supposed to be him. (It's supposed to be Jesus)

It looks like the Tiger has some stripes and a few appendages. That's a start.


  1. Yep, I'd say that qualifies as a horrible day! Glad everyone is getting back to normal.

    And - shouldn't a post called "deer hunting weekend" include something about oh...I don't know...hunting deer? LOL.

    I think that tiger picture by Carson is awesome.

  2. What a weekend! You guys are brave. I agree with Amy, the tiger pictures is amazing. Way to go Carson :)