Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Extravaganza

I've got a ton of Halloween pictures from the last week. We've been so busy raking leaves that I haven't had time to get them off the camera. And since I refuse to do anymore raking until ALL the leaves are off the trees I now have time to get these pictures going.

Our Halloween festivities started the weekend before Halloween with Zoo Boo. Then we had a preschool Halloween party, playgroup party, trick or treating and another Halloween party with friends. Needless to say we are costumed and Halloweened out. But it appears that the boys had a blast and I have about 5 pounds of candy that now needs to find a new home.

Zoo Boo pictures.

I spy a Little Buzz Light Year behind that Batman.

Carson thought this was a HUGE piece of candy corn and he tried to take a bite (not even joking).

Somehow they were both willing to get on the firetruck while it was running.

Pumpkin Carving

Carving the pumpkin. Too bad he wasn't interested in cleaning it out. He doesn't want to get dirty.

Ta Da!

Making silly faces.

Daddy and Declan showing off our pumpkins.

My boys and their pumpkins.

Making silly faces with mommy.

Preschool Halloween Party

Carson's class parading through the school.

Carson's class all dressed up for Halloween. I have about a million outtakes of this picture. I thought getting my two together for a picture was a tast. Nope, this takes the cake.


Getting ready to trick-or-treat.

Aren't they cute?

Here we go.

The Loot.

Halloween Party with friends

Me and my crazy friends at our friends Halloween Party.

The Crazy Boys.....Sam, Treylyn, Riley and Carson.

Declan was enamored with Becky's clown costume. I'm not sure he realized it was her but he sat with her for quite awhile.

Singing a little karaoke.

Gage and Carson taking turns at the mic.

Daddy and Declan hanging out.

A little video of our trick-or-treaters


  1. I had no idea that Halloween was going to be so thrilling as a mother. Isn't it fun to just do it all? The pumpkins, the costumes, the school activities, the trick or treating...Halloween is so much fun! Loved all your pics. You really captured the fun of the holiday.

  2. Your boys are adorable as always! Love ths pics of the whole class dressed up. LOL about the giant candy corn!

  3. What great pictures! Loved the Halloween costumes - the boys are darling. Looks like you guys had a busy Halloween!