Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes they make you laugh so hard you cry or cry so hard you laugh

The chocolate chip cookies were a hit. At least according to Carson they were. And he got to be Leader for the day. Except for a moment when his friend tried to take his spot. I image there was some sort of preschool take down match between the two of them. OK, maybe not, but Carson was pretty clear that he got the Leader spot back.

It's barely after noon and the boys are already in bed. This may be due to the fact that BOTH of them woke up WAY to early (read 6AM) this morning. Seriously, nothing good can come of a day when they are up at that ungodly hour. No wonder I drink Coke. Its the only thing that gets me through days like this. Hopefully a long nap will clear up any crabbiness left in their wee little bodies.

I had my first night of Religious Education last night. Let's just summarize and say the kids were awful. 12 first graders, 9 boys and 3 girls. I'm not really sure what I am going to do, if I'll even continue teaching. I thought younger aged kids would be "easier" but if last night is a sign of anything, I was WAY wrong. It's frustrating because I was looking forward to doing this. But we'll see, I haven't given up hope just yet.

We've been weaning Declan off his plug for awhile now. He's done pretty well with it. He gets it only at nap time and bedtime and he knows that he can only have it when he is in his crib. I used to keep them on my tall dresser so he couldn't see them but I could easily get to them. Well the other day I started making him set them on his dresser after nap and after a few days I had 3 or 4 gathered there. I was cooking dinner on Monday night while Trevor was at work. When dinner was ready Carson came running in and sat at the table but there was no Declan and that's when I noticed it was pretty quite around here. S0 I went looking for him and found him in his room. He had pushed our big stool over to his dresser, climbed on top of the stool and was sucking on the plugs one at a time....completely enjoying himself. Stinker! Needless to say, they are back in my room now.

We have an area behind our chair that is open and when you are walking down our stairs you can reach that area through the banister. Makes a great place to store junk, just ask my husband! It is also a place where our kitties often curl up and sleep. When the boys are on the stairs they like to reach over and give them a pet. Yesterday I ran out to the car to get some cars for Carson that he left in there. As I was walking back through the garage I heard a loud thump and then screaming. When I opened the door I found Carson laying on the floor screaming and holding his head. I picked him and gave him some loves. When he calmed down I asked him what had happened. He said he fell down the stairs. I said well how did you fall. His reposnse between sobs was....
"I was coming down the stairs and I stopped to talk to Jenna (our kitty) and I tripped."
I wonder if Jenna talked back?

Usually when I tuck Carson into bed we review how our day has been. Today as I ducked into his bed to say goodnight (or is it goodnap?) he said to me (before I even started talking)...
"I wuv you all da time mommy and I wuv daddy all da time too."

Oh, it's moments like that that make this the BEST job in the world.

And lastly, a little video of the crazy boys in the tub the other night.

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