Saturday, September 27, 2008

Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves

13 Steps to Enjoying a Leaf Pile

1. First leaves must be raked into a pile. Using a rake that is 4 times your body length may make this task difficult.

2. Stand around and watch your little brother and daddy do all the work. Repeating several times, "Now mommy? Now can I jump in them?"

3. Give up on raking leaves since daddy HAD to do it his way.

4. Try and take cute pictures with your brother while we wait for daddy to make the World's Largest Leaf Pile.

5. Get rewarded with candy corn for at least sitting and trying to take pictures, smiling at the same time was apparently optional.

6. Stare in disbelief that daddy really did make the World's Largest Leaf Pile.

7. Jump in the Leaf Pile.

8. Take turns sitting in leaf pile.

9. Try not to eat the leaves.

10. Bury daddy in the leaf pile.

11. Throw leaves in the air.

12. Enjoy the leaf pile with your brother.

13. And last but not least....relax in leaf pile while mommy takes a cute picture of you.

And a's a little long and the quality isn't very good. Guess that's what you get when you try and make a 6 minute video fit into 4MB, Oops.

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