Monday, July 17, 2006

X is for Xtra HOT weekend

Happy Summer!
Are you staying cool?

I have been trying too.
The other day I resorted to just a diaper to stay cool.

Then my dad decided to turn on the sprinkler
That was a good way to stay cool.

As you can see I got a little wet!

My Grandma and Grandpa Cameron came this weekend.
They took us to the Twins game!

My grandma was nice to share her popcorn.
But she wouldn't give me the bucket.

Good News!
The Twins won!

The next day we took the boat out on the lake.

Are you sick of seeing me on a boat?

This is the third weekend in a row I have been on one.
I think I can be considered a pro by now.

Wait, I know what you are thinking.
It doesn't look very sunny...right? Well, it was very nice out and we were glad to not have the sun.

My mom even got in the water with me.
Grandpa pulled us around on his tube.

Whose that?
Even my dad came out to join us.

Enough of that tube.
I can only take so much!

How about some silly faces?
I am pretty good at those?

Check out this face?
I was pretty excited that grandpa let me drive the boat.

This is my favorite face.
Did you hear me? I got to drive the boat!!!

And last but not least.....A picture with my mom and dad.

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