Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I is for I love the weekend.

Greetings from cyber world. Have you missed me? Well, I sure had a busy weekend. It started on Thursday when we headed to the Barn for the Gopher vs. Bison women's basketball game. I am not sure why they call it the Barn because it sure didn't look like one to me, but what do I know, I am only 9 months old. Here is a picture of my dad and me. I was a little nervous when we first got there because it was so noisy. You can see in the background that we were not the only Bison fans there.
Grandma and Grandpa Cameron joined us for the game too.
Unfortunately, the Bison lost but it was a close game. Here is a picture of my mom and me.

Onto Friday....

Mom signed me up for Kindermusik and Friday was our first class. It's a music class with a bunch of other mommies (and one daddy) and their babies. Here is a picture of my mom and I dancing. It was a good thing they had the words to the songs on the wall so my mom could sing along. We know how she is with song lyrics.
There was an older girl there that I was quite interested in. She was very cute. I was trying to get her to escape with me but she didn't seem to interested. She must not be a younger man type. Hopefully she is there next week.
When I wasn't busy trying to flirt with all the girls I was busy singing songs and meeting new babies. I was definitely the best looking baby there.

Mom, it's time to go eat lunch. Come on I am hungry!

Onto Saturday...
Saturday I had swimming lessons again. This time my dad got in the water with me. He was trying to teach me how to float on a kick board but I was far more interested in this orange toy I got.

What a busy weekend I had. Toodles, until next time.

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