Saturday, January 21, 2006

H is for Having Fun

Guess what? I started swimming lessons today. Since this is my first time and I am so little my mom had to get in the water with me. Here is a picture of me trying to float on my back.

Here we are learning how to float on our tummies. I would much rather be on my tummy than on my back. I wasn't to sure about that back floating business.

While I was on my back my mom was trying to show me how to kick with my legs. This seems much easier when I am in my bathtub at home. This back thing is a little to much for me right now.
Mom, what is that girl doing? She is distracting me from figuring out this tummy floating thing.

Here I am trying to kick on my tummy. The girl to the right is my instructor. She has the same name as my mom (Amy) and she graduated from high school with my dad. What a small world. She was pretty nice. We got to sing two songs, Pop Goes the Weesel (mom didn't know all 3 verses, she said she would learn them before our next class) and If You are Happy and You Know It.

At the end we got to pick a toy to play with in the water. I chose a purple walrus. Here is a picture of my mom and I playing with it.
MOM! Stop squirting me with it.
Good news....we get to go back 7 more times to swim. By then I should be a swimming pro, just like my mommy (ok, she wasn't a pro but close enough!).

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