Thursday, March 10, 2011


We're back! Florida was warm, sunny and fantastic! It was a much needed vacation after a long, long winter of cold, snow and morning sickness. We couldn't have asked for better weather. But when your coming from below zero, anything is an improvement.

We hit the beach on day one. The boys were very excited to play in the water. Except for this kid. He seems to have his mommy's trait of not liking to go in water where you can't see your feet. Who knew that was genetic!

But he was content to just play in the sand. And look for sea shells on the sea shore.

The first day we went to the beach the water was a littler clearer and there were no waves. So, I'd catch him every once in awhile sneaking out, about mid-thigh, to fill his pail with water but that's as far as he would go. Stinker.

He also lost (read: swallowed) his 2nd tooth not too long before we left. And if you look closely you can see his new tooth is beginning to sprout. It's hard to believe he'll be 6 in a month.

This little boy thought the water was a delight. He happily played by himself (or with daddy) both in the water and on the sand.

It's amazing to watch his imagination. He can entertain himself with just his fingers (Seriously!). I wish I could figure out how to teach this creativity and ingenuity in the other boys. If anyone has a magical answer for that, I'm all ears.

He's a character to watch.

This little boy loved the beach as well. As you can see we kept him thoroughly covered, even down to the cankles. Ok, so the trunks were a little big. He's a big boy, with short legs!

But we adjusted and let those cankles get some sun and he loved the sand between his toes.

He also thought the water was a hoot. He went right in, with no hesitation. It may be an interesting summer at the pool with this little guy who appears to have no fear of the water. And it appears that the Florida sun made his hair more red. At least it appeared that way at the beach and in this picture.

He enjoyed being out in it with Papa and Daddy.

He helped us build a sandcastle one day.

Daddy did most of the work while the other boys played foremen.

King Kong thought he could destroy it but then he got stuck in the wet sand.

Good thing Big Brother was around to help him out of that predicament.

Oh, how we miss the beach.

And just in case you were beginning to think we spent every waking minute at the beach, we didn't. We went and looked for Manatees one day. We didn't find any but we did find a nice long black snake that freaked everyone out. Luckily, it stayed put and didn't eat us as we walked by. Yuck!

We spent some time at the park where Bennett mastered his sliding skills.

And then he learned that going down on his stomach was much more thrilling. Did I mention it will be an interesting (pregnant) summer?

We took a dip in grandma's (chilly) pool. Give this kid a couple of noodles and he'll swim around a pool all day.

Give this kid a couple of noodles and well....this happens.

Even Bennett went in. It was cold people, really cold!

Everyone sprouted a few new freckles in the sun.

If I wrap them all up in towels then I can get all three of them in the same picture, sort of looking at the camera and kind of smiling. I'll call it a success.

We also celebrated my birthday down there. Sigh...

And we went to a Twins game where we were lucky enough to get a picture with TC.

And Carson got his ball signed by #41 Drew Butera (the catcher, when Mauer is out)

Trevor and I spent a day at Sanibel and dug up some really neat shells. When we found the clam shells they were still hooked together but the bumpy plane ride home broke them apart.

Trevor also found a sand dollar.

And now were home, with the snow, patiently waiting for it to melt and summer to arrive.

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