Friday, March 18, 2011

Flooding 2011

The flood waters are back. We're still high and dry and hope to remain that way all year. We were blessed last year to stay dry. despite the fact that ALL our neighbors flooded. Thank you God! When Declan examined the water's edge last night he promptly shouted, "Mommy, God must have decided to flood the Earth again." And today when we drove past the doggy park to check it out (it was quite flooded) he again said, "Why does God keep flooding the Earth." They just did Noah's Arc last week at school.....can you tell?

We also lose access to the bike path. Which means we can't get to any park unless we hop in the car. It's a bummer and I hope they recede before park season is in full swing.

It looks like the water goes forever, it doesn't. Our house is just on the other side of all this water. At least the snow is almost gone?!?

Bennett got to try out his new (old?) rainboots. His little legs walked the entire way of our walk. Apparently, he likes walking much better when its not cold and there is no snow involved.

And he enjoyed walking through the water.

And of course sticking his hands in it.

Please keep us, and all of Sioux Falls, in your prayers that these flood waters remain minimal and cause little damage.

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