Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speed up, no wait, slow down

The other day I attended my first PTA meeting. As I was sitting there listening to all the goings on in my children's school I couldn't help but think, "how in the world did I get here?" How am I sitting at a PTA meeting, for my kids? Some days it feels like I just graduated from college, got married and moved to the big city. But that was 7 years ago. Now I'm the proud mother of three crazy boys, sitting at a PTA meeting and I've been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years. Please someone, slow this all down.

Except today, I want it to speed up. Mostly because Trevor will be gone until 10pm tonight and I'm here alone, ALL DAY, with these three boys. That task can sometimes be very daunting some days, even for the most sane people. So speed up, no wait, slow down. Wasn't I just complaining that time was going to fast? So which is it? Speed up or slow down?

The transition into Kindergarten has gone fairly smoothly but it's not to say we've haven't had any bumps on this road. As a person who likes to plan and schedule this new school schedule has me in a tizzy. Nap times are different, lunch time is different, bed time is different (but earlier, MUCH earlier, so that's nice) but I'm slowly adjusting. Carson is too. Poor kid could use a nap or two during the week but there just isn't time. We're learning how to handle our after school time so that there is less fighting, less whining and more relaxing and unwinding. It's an adjustment. And some days I just want that after school time to be over, for Trevor to be home, for it to bedtime already. But then I think, I'm going to miss this. Someday I'm going to really miss these days of total chaos, of three little boys running wild in my house, of lazy afternoons discussing all the things we did in school. I'm going to be sitting at their high school graduation wondering where the time went. And so I want it to slow down. I need to learn to let it slow down, to savor these moments with my boys and to really enjoy this time as a mother of 3, five and under.

7.5 hours till bed time, 9.5 hours till Trevor's home. I can do this!

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