Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Orchard

We visited the Apple Orchard last weekend. We've been going to the same orchard for three years now. What a difference a year makes.

Last year when we went I was about ready to burst, literally. I was just a mere 11 days shy of a new little boy. Shudder...I was really uncomfortable in case that's not completely obvious in this picture.

And the year before that Declan looks like a baby, he was, its just hard to remember.

This year it was Bennett's first year and he was delighted.

If he had more then 2.5 teeth he probably could have eaten that apple whole.

Daddy's good for hoisting up big boys.

So they can rrrreeeeaaaccchhhh the apples way up in the tree.

Little boys who are almost 4 are good for carrying heavy baskets of apples.

Little boys who are almost 1 are good for cute pictures and banging apples together.

Kindergartners are good for asking to have their picture taken all by themselves.

We picked 35 pounds of apples.

We played with the new dogs, tasted our apples, ate caramel and drank hot cider. It was all delightful!

And we'll be back next year (or next week even).

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