Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Never Ending Birthday

It's been one big birthday celebration around here. Seriously, its been non stop. Carson is fairly certain his birthday has been everyday for the last week. Not even joking. We had a blast and so did he. Now I have a counter full of cupcakes and cake and a toy room full of many new toys.

Carson brought these rainbow cupcakes to school. On Monday I showed him a picture of the cupcakes I was going to make for him. Then he told me that he'd had them that day at school. Nice, apparently the birthday girl on Monday had the same idea as me. Oh well, they were fun to make.

Then we made a Star Wars cake for his birthday party. Thanks to Trevor's handy drawing skills it came out pretty good.

Carson and his buddy's at his birthday party.

Blowing out the candles.

A new dart gun. And in less then 24 hours we've lost 4 of the 6 darts. I think we'll be buying some with our birthday money.

A new Darth Vader light saber. Declan has declared that it is his as well. He loves it and hasn't grasped the concept that it's Carson's birthday present.

A new book about T-Rex.

Four boys each apparently holding their weapon of choice.
Such is life.

Declan did pretty good staying out of Carson's hair for the party. But he did want a picture with "his" new light saber.

Then we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey (Star Wars version).

We spun them around...

and tried to get them to put their sticker in the right place. It was hilarious to watch.

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