Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh what you can't do with some warm temps

I've been forced into the basement. Trevor insists on watching all 3 hours of Lost tonight. 3 hours? Really? So this is why ABC had to move Private Practice to Thursday nights. It's Lost mania in our house and I'm not a participant. And since my new addiction, the Wii Fit, is hooked to the same tv I'm forced down here to update the blog! So,lucky for you guys you'll get some pictures and a video to look at. Oh don't get me wrong this benefits me too.....I'll have time to play Wii at nap time tomorrow since I was planning on doing this then. My life is rough!

We got a Wii for Christmas and a Wii Fit this past weekend. I think its safe to say we're addicted and so are the boys. Tonight I was trying to teach Carson how to run with the Wii Fit. Check out the video....maybe he'll have Papa Cameron's running genes after all.

You'll be glad to know we haven't been stuck in the house in a Wii induced coma since Christmas. We've actually been outside sledding and playing in the snow quite a few times. Today the temp reached almost 40 degrees which in our neck of the woods is practically spring. While I know this warm streak won't last forever its nice to get out and not need 47 layers just to stay warm. Do you realize what little boys can do with such warm temperatures? It might as well have been 85 as far as they were concerned.

We played some baseball.

A diving catch!

Who needs a baseball glove? A regular glove is perfect!

We mowed the snow.

We also walked to the park. It was warm enough to climb all over the playground.

Go down the slides.

And go swinging.

Declan prefers being a bench warmer.

Oh but wait....he spots a patch of sand and rocks!

Nothing better then playing with sand and rocks. And no mittens since it was so warm out.

But eventually he retired from bench warming and went straight for the tunnels.

Come on Spring!!!

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