Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

It's back to the grind today after 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year's celebration. We've enjoyed the last 5 days with daddy home from work. The boys were a little confused this morning when they woke up and daddy was already gone. So today we are back on a routine, one that involves not skipping naps and being in bed before 9:30. I guess routine would also mean I should clean the house, make my bed, do some laundry and feed the kids. Hmmm, I think I like the vacation routine MUCH better.

Here is some of what we did with our little vacation.

Made pancakes for breakfast, played Legos on the kitchen floor while mommy cooked, painted with finger paint, slept in till after 8 2 of 4 mornings, went to a hockey game, went shopping sans kids, ate at the Original Pancake House, went to Target, fixed the Neon, played trumpets in the bathtub, painted 2.5 walls, went to Menard 17 times, played Mario Kart, fixed the attic entry, watched some hockey, made creme brulee, took down a crib, moved Carson to the top bunk so Declan could sleep on the bottom, assembled a toy shelf, switched car seats, played hockey, went to dinner at Fudruckers, hugged a mascot, looked at some Christmas lights, cleaned out a closet, played some golf bowling and boxing on the Wii, ate at McDonalds, bought some good ice cream, cleaned out the garage, took down the Christmas tree, fixed a wall, put in some new outlets, fixed the front door, went to Best Buy, played Gone Fishing, read some books, skipped a nap, cried, changed some diapers, went to church, watched some football, drank lots of Coke since today is Day 1 of "less Coke," and last but not least relaxed and enjoyed some time as a family.

And pictures to prove that at least some of the above is true......Happy 2009!

And a little video of our tub band we are creating. Watch out! We could be the next Rock Band.

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  1. Love the collage you put together Amy! It looks great!!