Thursday, June 12, 2008

Laundry Monster

I hate laundry. I hate separating it, I hate putting it in the washer or dryer, I hate folding it and I hate putting it away. Its a vicious, vicious cycle that NEVER ends. Someday when I'm debt free (thanks to Dave Ramsey) I'm going to hire someone just to do laundry. I'd rather clean my house then do laundry. In the last 3 weeks I've done some wonderful things with laundry.

First was deciding at the last minute to wash my two favorite pairs of pants with my favorite black sweatshirt. We were heading out of town and I decided I wanted it all clean so I could take it with. All the other laundry for the weekend had been done the day before, this was a last minute, impulsive decision. You can imagine my horror when I pulled them out to find nice red bleached spots all over them. Apparently the bleach didn't rinse out in the last load.

And just so you know....I'm not a bleacher. I'd like to blame this tragic bleach episode on my husband. It's his fault. You see he got new socks, wore them outside and as a result had ruined his new socks. So me, being the loving wife, decided to bleach them in an effort to keep them new looking. I didn't even use much bleach!

Then this weekend I washed a load of clothes and left a tube of lipstick in my pocket. I won't even list what I ruined here. Enough said.

Then yesterday in my effort to do 90 loads of laundry I somehow managed to wash a roll of paper towels with our jeans and pants. It must have been under the load when I grabbed it off the floor and put it in the washer. I'm sure Trevor left it on the floor and that's how it ended up getting in the washer. ;-) Good news is that it didn't ruin the clothes but left a nice mess in the lint trap and on my black pants.

So if you know any good launderers (is that a word...must be spell check didn't flag it) send them my way.

In the meantime the boys and I are off to the pool for the first time this summer.


  1. "I somehow managed to wash a roll of paper towels with our jeans and pants" ROFL!!! Laundry is just evil, that's all there is to it!

  2. Oh no, all those ruined clothes! You know what else makes a real mess- a packet of those listerine breath strips. Gooey. :)