Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Trails

Well here we are on our first day of vacation. We got up early this morning and made the trek to Rapid City. We stopped at Cabella's and Wall Drug on the way. We even ran into some of our relatives that we are meeting in Montana at Wall Drug. Small world I tell ya! Almost 8 hours later we arrived at our "Mowtel." Carson has never been so excited in his life to stay in a "mowtel."

On our way out to supper tonight we stopped to fill up the Durango. It was on E so we knew it would be quite a fill. However, we were still shocked when the pumped stopped at an astounding $95.25. So shocked in fact, that we forgot to clean off the 4000 bugs splattered on our windshield. Even though we budgeted for gas to be this much its still a stab to the heart to pay that. Good thing I got a good deal on our room to make up for the difference.

To celebrate our first day of vacation we decided to try some place other then McDonalds. I know scary thought. But after paying that much at the pump we needed a beer.

Or two.

But could only afford one after that!

So we headed to the Freighthouse Brewery. It was excellent! We ordered calamari and we were both SHOCKED to see this.....

Yes, that's both boys stuffing their face with calamari. Either they were starving (because it was after 8) or they are growing from a pickle and cheese diet to something a little more enjoyable and sophisticated.

Who needs McDonalds?


  1. Hilarious post! So, have you figured out how to cook calamari when you get home?

  2. Your vacation looked like a blast! Love the pic of the two boys that was your favorite! you should get that one printed. I can't believe there was still so much snow in some of the areas you were in!