Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dinner Guest

Carson and Declan each got a new stuffed animal the other day. Carson was thrilled about his new blue penguin. At first it was a fight, I thought we might be coming home with the pink version that said princess on the jacket, luckily I won that argument. So we bought "pengin" and "frosy da noman." Carson so desperately wants Declan to be as attached to his "noman" as Carson is to penguin. The other day he went as far as ripping Declan's puppy from his hand, throwing it in his crib and handing him "frosy da noman" to play with. Every time we go to bed or take a nap "frosy da noman" must be in Declan's crib.

So the other night we sat down to dinner and they both were required to eat dinner with us and they HAD to have their own chair. They've eaten almost every meal with us since.

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