Monday, April 17, 2006

S is for Super Birthday Party

Here is my first birthday present. Hmmm...I wonder how I get this green stuff off?

Look! It's BIG legos.

My mom and dad took me to the zoo to celebrate my birthday. They had some big kitties. Much bigger then Jenna or Meika. My mom said petting them was not an option.

As you can tell I was having fun at the zoo. I saw a giraffe, a zebra, penguins, sea lions, polar bears and lions.
Here is my dad and I posing on a fake turtle. The zoo was a blast. I can't wait to come back again!

Easter morning started with me finding this basket full of goodies. Mom, said some Easter bunny brought it and it was ALL for me. Score!

The Easter bunny also brought me this HUGE green ball. It's so BIG I can't even get it into my mouth.

AND, its bigger then my head. Hopefully I don't trip over anything while carrying it.

After church and a good nap it was onto my birthday party. As you can see my mom decorated my highchair and she said I had to eat that I can handle.

After some birthday singing I was handed this blue concoction. My mom said its a birthday cake. Whatever, I don't care what its called, I get to eat it all!

At first I wasn't to sure of it and all these people were staring at me and snaping pictures. I wonder what they are waiting for? first real taste. Not to bad.

Everyone is still taking pictures. I love this attention and this birthday cake is GOOD!

Oh, here is a good handful.

Am I messy enough for ya? Happy Birthday to ME!

After a dip in the bathtub it was time to open all these presents. My mom was trying to show my how to open them but I wasn't to interested in that.

Here I am sporting my new bike helmet and some ribbon from one of the presents.

After all that sugar and cake I needed to have myteeth brushed. Mmm...whatever my mom put on this toothbrush sure tastes good.

Until next time....

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