Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Boy!

It was birthday week last week in our house. Heck, for some reason I still feel like it's birthday week. I think it should more appropriately be called, birthday month. A certain little, big boy turned six. Six! That's crazy.

In six short years he went from this.....

to this....a boy who wanted smelly markers for his birthday. Where has the time gone? Please, someone slow it down. Before I know it that kid in the orange is going to be six too. Sigh.

We even through a real birthday party, at a skating rink. I thought I had lost my mind when we walked in. It was busy and I had 8 kids, without parents, who were going to navigate the skating rink with just my husband. Oh, and only two of them had ever skated before. Ack! What was I thinking?

But, lo and behold, we were surprised. Surprised that these little people were so brave. Well, they became brave after watching their friends skate around for awhile and then slowly but surely making their way around and around and around the skating rink....together.

Even this little punk went, got frustrated, took off his skates, put them back on and tried again.

We had cake and ice cream.

And opened presents.

And sent these sweaty, exhausted children home with their parents, hopefully not to sore and bruised but at least they were all smiling when they left.

Happy Birthday my sweet six year old. You are the light of our world and we look forward to many more birthdays with you. Love you!

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