Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There's a reason I haven't been putting much on here. It has to do with my inability to get off the couch. Why can't you get off the couch Amy? It may have something to do with this...

Yes, we're expecting....again. That means four kids. Funny when we tell people their reaction seems to be more of shock, amazement, curiosity....clearly two sane people wouldn't actually plan to have four kids. This must have been an accident (it wasn't). Apparently, having four kids means you've tipped into crazyville. So that's where were headed, Crazyville, with a one way ticket.

We're excited, and scared and nervous. The boys are excited. Bennett has no idea what's going to hit him. And judging from his reaction when I had a friends baby on my lap last week....he may be a little jealous.

Baby #4 should make his or her appearance in early September. That makes this the 3rd summer I'll spend pregnant. Crazyville, I tell ya!

I've been feeling awful. Which explains my sparseness around here. Actually, I feel a little better then I did a few weeks ago when I was certain death was near. I'm more tired and exhausted then nauseous. Nothing sounds good. The thought of a Coke makes me want to hurl. My head feels like it might explode and Tylenol does nothing for that scenario. I'd like to take about 4 naps a day but the boys have other plans. I walked into Target the other day without a list and then spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out what I was there for. So, yes, looks like we've entered Crazyville. Hope you'll enjoy the ride with us!

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