Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's the most wonderful time....

Ho Ho Ho!

I mentioned in our Christmas letter that we keep this blog. I've done it every year so maybe it doesn't make a difference but I feel like I should maybe update it for those newcomers or those who just want to see what I do around here. Hi!! Welcome, I hope you stay for awhile. It's nothing spectacular but it helps me remember moments with my kids and helps keep family updated on our ongoings. And recently, we've had many.

Tis the season though, right? Just in the past week we've had the flu (all of us), a blizzard, insulation blown into the attic, a Christmas program and we've baked 4 dozens cookies for our teachers and friends. And I still have some shopping to do with the boys, all the wrapping, more baking and a Christmas dinner to plan. Where's my Coke?

The boys were thrilled to go outside after school the other day. Bennett wasn't really a fan of the snow pants and boots. So we didn't last long. In fact I can guarantee it took longer to get out the door then the amount of time we were outside.

A Christmas Program. There is nothing more entertaining then 40 three and four year olds belting out some Christmas songs. Declan was thrilled to have a green bell. He wasn't digging the red bell he had when they practiced.

He actually sang too! Unlike his brother who stood there in a stone cold silence at his first Christmas Program.

Guess who drew this?
Declan! Can you believe it? My little abstract artist actually drew something that actually resembles something. Any ideas what it is exactly?

This one is Carson's. Looks like the baby is laying in a manger (Hint).

You can add two rather large scratches on his nose to his nice scrape and bruise on his forehead. He looks fabulous and a little beat up!

Here's hoping your enjoying the Christmas season and during the rush of it all, you can take time to enjoy the reason for the season, your kids and your family!

Merry Christmas!

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