Friday, June 4, 2010

Let Summer Begin

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the farm. We went form splashing in a baby pool to wearing pants and a sweatshirt in the boat....typical Memorial Day. Regardless the boys had an absolute blast.


Pretty good for only a foot of water.

Declan spent a majority of the afternoon naked. Oh to be so free. However, it meant there were slim pickens of appropriate pictures to post. Carson refused to take his suit off because he's a rule follower and well, when you swim you must wear a suit!

Bennett hung out in the shade, chewing on sunscreen bottles.

Or riding down the ramp in his walker.

And then it was cold. And everyone was having a good time...can you tell?

Armed and probably pretty dangerous.

Too many freckles to count.

Grandpa's police boat

Always case the bad guys come.

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