Monday, August 31, 2009

The Basement

It seems the basement has taken up most of our summer. As we near the arrival of another baby we've been feverishly working on the basement to get it done in time. And, knock on wood, it looks like we might get there. We are so excited to have it done and so are the boys. Here are some pictures of our progress.....

I painted the boys' new room while they were away for a weekend. I thought it would only take me a day and a half...I was wrong!

It took me 3 days. And I swear on my life I will never paint a room blue again. Between the red and the blue I did 6 coats plus one wall is khaki so that makes 7 coats. At least it turned out nice but it was enough to drive me crazy!

The boys had a blast with the pink foam insulation. They piled it high and smashed it to pieces.

Declan enjoyed hanging out the fireplace hole one last time before it got closed up.

Taking a break with daddy.

Daddy's Little Helpers.

View into my new closet. Which is about 18 times larger then the one I have now.....and I'm not even exaggerating.

And then there was sheetrock!

Doorway to my new bedroom (from inside the bedr00m)

Doorway into the closet.

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