Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A weekend away.

It's been cold and we've been stuck in the house. Being stuck in the house with 2 little boys can be a little challenging when it comes to entertainment. We've played hide-and-seek, made snowman with play-doh, played Wii, painted, colored, built with Legos, given horsey rides and the other day......

We watched as some crazy squirrels climbed the trees in our backyard.

Then we watched the Cardinals enjoy some bird food.

So needless to say we were very much looking forward to a weekend away. A weekend filled with seeing friends, shopping, swimming, Chipotle and watching some hockey.

We visited the Lego store

and played with their endless amounts of Legos.

We had seats right behind the net. The boys were so excited and entertained. We had a few checks in front of us which sent juice cups flying and little boys jumping into our laps. Too bad our team lost but that's a whole other story. We had fun anyway!

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