Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Field Trip

Yesterday morning we had to be up, dressed, fed and out the door by 7:30am. Something that I'm not sure has ever happened around here. And guess what? It did. And, I even showered, I know I was up early! Normally I can't get anywhere before 10am. It was a record setting day. And where were we going at that ungodly hour?

Carson's class was headed on a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I had volunteered to help drive. Which I later found out meant I was responsible for any child that was in my car while were at the pumpkin patch. So, that meant I chased around 3 boys yesterday. It was a little crazy and wore me out! I'll be thinking twice on the next field trip about driving.

So we had to wake the boys up pretty early. And they both wanted to snuggle in mommy's bed where it was warm and cozy.

He had more fun then this picture portrays.

Carson was a little clingy to me at first. I think he might do better without me around. He was the only one who refused to turn around for the picture.

But after a little talking to I at least got him to turn around, not smile, but he's facing the right way.

On a wagon ride.

The place we went is actually a tree farm. So we were surrounded by 18,000 Christmas Trees. It was the best fresh air I have ever smelled. Their sign as you drive in even says, "Breathe Deep" and I sure did!

Sling shooting baby pumpkins. Yes, this farm had it all!

Especially a pretty back drop to their pumpkin patch.

Snack Time.

All the fun must have worn them out because Carson napped for 3 hours, Declan for 4 and this tired mommy for 1.

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