Sunday, March 4, 2007

Winter arrived this week and we were stuck in the house for 2 days during a blizzard. It got to be long so we looked for ways to entertain ourselves.

We started by taking all the cushions off the couch.

Then we tried driving around in the laundry basket.

In an attempt to get some fresh air we headed out to the deck to try out our new sandals. Who needs pants anyways?

Carson helped mommy pack for our vacation. He prefers to be taken to Florida IN the suitcase.

It finally got nice enough to head outside and play in all the snow we got (supposedly 11 inches). So we went out and built a snowman.

Carson tried helping daddy roll the snowman.

Carson showing daddy where to put the snowball.

Carson helping fill in the gaps.

Ta Da! Meet Mr. Snowman!

Oh and Declan was out helping build the snowman. Look at that cute little red nose!

Time to go inside.

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